Vision & Mission

To secure our market leadership by providing efficient and reliable supply services and blend our sectoral experiences in professional manner to add positive value on our prestige.

Be a largest and most reliable Ship Chandlers in India with on time delivery at any time anywhere. S.K.Marine International is committed to be our customers premier total solutions provider, we would come to meet all our customers need. We strive to deliver consistent product quality at competitive prices and comfort in service

What we do?

  • Supply of Provisions stores
  • Supply of Cabin/Saloon Stores
  • Supply of Deck & Bosun Stores
  • Supply of Engine Stores
  • Supply of Electrical & Electronics stores
  • Supply of Stationary stores
  • Supply of Medical & Surgical items
  • Supply of Fire Fighting equipment
  • Supply of Pyrotechnics & Life Saving items
  • Supply of Imo Signs
  • Supply of B.A.Charts & Publication books
  • Supply of Anti-Piracy items
  • Supply of Marine Paints
  • Supply of Marine Chemicals
  • Supply / Refilling of Gases (Oxygen/Acetylene/Freon/Nitrogen etc)
  • Supply of Mooring ropes, Wire Ropes & P.P.Ropes
  • Supply of Lube oil & Grease
  • Supply of Marine Filters

Our Clients

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